October 2016 The great curiosity and joy over the wonderful development of our school project in India led to yet another trip of our first president Stephanie Lücking and steering group member Guido Uhlenberg to Darjeeling during fall vacation (on their own budget, of course). School Feast with Art Exhibition. We were astounded to see the enormous progress in the construction which is necessary for the extension of our school to the secondary level. But we also took a good and curious look at our pupils and their activities. Right after the one week Dashein vacation a great school feast took place with an art exhibition. (The Dashein feast is one of the largest celebrations in West Bengal, especially in the Nepalese culture). Each class had produced works of art that were exhibited in the class rooms. The pupils of 3rd and 4th grade exhibited their project results in addition. After an hour of guided tour thru the exhibit there was a great feast with games and dance. Quiz contest At the end of the week we could be part of the quiz contest. There were 4 teams with pupils from 1st thru 4th grade. In mid November there is another feast to celebrate world children´s day. After that all pupils have their end of school year exam. The year ends with on December 7th with the end of school year celebration and report cards. Long winter vacations follow the end of the school year that last until the beginning of March.