January 2016 There is still a lot to do for our school director Rohit Pradhan, even during school vacation until March 2016. Construction work for the last floor of our school building started. There will be new class rooms and an assembly hall. A porch roof will shelter a part of the school court making possible that the children can leave the classroom during rainfall. The roofing is the base for an assembly hall with an area of 25m x 10m. All construction work is done without big machines. Therefore time for finishing the building extension is accordingly long. We hope that the assembly hall will be inaugurated in autumn 2017. March 2016 May 2016 On May 1st the basement for the next floor was casted. Our school director and construction supervisor Rohit Pradhan told us on the phone that everything was perfect for this construction stage. Weather was optimal, there was enough water and material, 10 workers were on the construction site making possible to finish the new floor by 3pm. Again there was delicious food for the workers, and pupils having taekwondo training liked the leftovers very much. June 2016 August 2016 October 2016 In spite of the rain season our principal and chief organizer Rohit Pradhan to achieve major progress in the construction notwithstanding difficult conditions. In our year meeting 2015 we had decided to extend the school to a secondary level. We had argued that it would too much of a pity if our pupils might not be able to continue schooling in favourable conditions due to a lack of funding after having attended our school successfully. Having a secondary level means more class rooms and an extra auditorium. Instead of creating another building the idea evolved to build an annex with room for another auditorium on top of the additional complex. The roof and the pillars are cast already and now the walls are beeing masoned. A team of 6 very reliable workers are on site which are all fathers of our pupils. Our principal calculated for us that there are now a total of 25 families earning their living by working for our school: teachers, aids, construction workers, carriers, truck drivers.  
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