Construction progress March 2015 Building of a new class room building. In September of 2013 we started to erect a new building since we desperately needed more space for classrooms, teachers´ rooms and our library. Due to a strike, winter break and some weeks during rain season end of construction was delayed until October of 2014 when the family who lived in the main building could move to the separate building. So now we have the whole main building for school use. Our second class could move out of the temporary “class room” made out of corrugated metal into a brand new class room. In the upper floor we have two class rooms now, the library and the teachers´room. Everyday there are 4 to 8 workers busy at the construction site since the support wall still needs to be finished. It´s unbelievable how all these works are done without machinery. Additionally there are a lot of minor jobs to be done like the construction of a handrail for the stairs, building  a fence etc. When all these things are finished we will start building an auditorium in the 2 nd  floor. This hall will be used especially in the rain season for festivals and the morning gathering. Construction progress May 2015 First the good news: Our school suffered no damage from the earthquake except for a small crack above the door. The supporting wall is almost finished. Our first president, Stefanie Lücking, could observe how cumbersome construction work is without a bulldozer and machinery. The next major construction to start in July next year is an assembly hall. Construction progress July/August 2015 The last parts of the supporting wall have finally been finished after two years of hard labor. Muddslides slowed down progress again and again. The stones that are dug out of the ground are reprocessed and will be used in further construction work. This will save thousands of Euros. Several mothers of pupils help in this work and earn money.