Winter 2010 Classrooms were plastered and the water tank was finished in January 2010. The Pradhan family rewards the workers with a meal at the end of each construction phase. Since February builders worked overtime for making possible school opening just in time. An old house was tore down. After cleaning the plot of the former house there is now a school court. 35 builders worked on the construction site end of February. On day they brought 900 sacks of excavated earth to a plot that is 5 minutes away. Rohit Pradhan was able to buy used furniture in good quality for the interior of the school. This saved money. A carpenter refurbished chairs and tables. March 2010 The building was ready for school teaching just in time at the beginning of the school year (see school development) Sommer/Autumn 2010 After 1 ½ construction time the school building was almost finished. 5 small classrooms are available now. In addition there are 2 restrooms for girls and boys. We attached great importance to the hygiene of the rooms. The tiled rooms are cleaned daily. There is enough water for the school that is collected in a big water tank during rain season (especially March to May). Construction of a sandbox Rohit Pradhan immediately picked up the suggestion to build a sandbox and realized it. Wood could not be used for the sandbox because of high humidity especially during rain season. The bottom of the sandbox was cemented, the edges bricked. In the end the sandbox was filled with sand that is not as fine as in German sandboxes. Rohid Pradhan believes that this is the first and only sandbox in Darjeeling. The children are excited anyway. back
Bau des Sandkastens