Activities of students Information booth and fund raising Goethe-Gymnasium When Wiebke Deipenwisch, 12 year old student of the Goethe-Gymnasium at that time, found out about our idea from her mother, she spontaneously decided to built up an information booth and collect donations for our project. Wiebke and her friends collected 114 Euro during the afternoon. The amount was sufficient for installing blackboards in 5 classrooms. Charity activity of class 6a of the Korntal Gymnasium (Stuttgart area) Class 6a of the Korntal Gymnasium organized a charity activity for supporting our school project in July 2010. Form teacher Sabine Pineda reported that the students carried out the planning for the event without external support. They asked for a location, made a press release, organized cakes and scheduled their parents and themselves for the selling. The event started at 9am. The success was overwhelming. All cakes were sold before a severe thunderstorm stopped the activity at 2pm. In addition they sold marmalade and mango milk. A boy organized a raffle with 300 lots and collected prizes. His little sister helped him making the lots. A girl made a box for the lots. She and her friend offered them to people in Korntal being very generous when buying them. Some prizes that were not given away during the raffle were sold in an auction in the next math class. The students had big fun with that and contributed 20 Euros to the total result of 428 Euro of the charity activity. Neha and Amar have luck. Their school attendance in 2011 was paid with that money, Darjeelinghilfe and the associated organization thank students, teachers and parents for their commitment. Second charity activity of Korntal Gymnasium (Stuttgart area) Students from the first charity activity organized independently a second activity, now as class 7a in June 2011. The activity sponsored the school attendance of Amar and Neha with believe it or not 528,20 Euro. The students want to continue their support for Amar and Neha. The school’s parents associations proposed class 7a for the social award being granted at the end of the school year. Class 7c of the Mallinckrodt-Gymnasium donated 1880 Euro The Mallinckrodt-Gymnasium in Dortmund hosted its regular Christmas bazaar on November 10. The purpose of the bazaar is funding projects for charity reasons, not for the school’s purpose according the school’s web page. School classes select a social project that needs support. Aylin Bomke fortunately proposed that class 7c should support our project. The class was in favor of it. Form teacher Mr. Timmer informed us on the collected money that made us almost speechless. The amount was so high that the class decided to take over a partnership for Arpan Thapa. His school attendance is granted for 5 years. Sincere thanks are given to students, parents and form teachers for their commitment.  Mallinckrodt – Basar 2013 The class 8 c of Mallincrodt high school has pledged another donation. The class had decided this year again to support our association by means of a particular activity. Together with their parents and the help of their class teacher Ms. Dickmann they organized a tombola. Within 4 hours they could sell 1300 lots. There were no blanks among them. So there was quite a rush when the prizes were given out. One week later the directorate was given notice of the incredible sum of 1591,36 € that had been collected at the tombola. The pupils of the class 8 c want to use the money to support Awantika´s school attendance over a 5 year period. In addition they will be able to pay for tables, chairs, a blackboard and a cabinet for one class room. Pupils of Dortmund-Kley support Sanskriti Having learned about the situation of children in India and Nepal in religious studies there rose an interest and wish to become active very quickly. Our president Stephanie Lücking told them about Sanskriti whose parents are so much in need that they can´t finance a school uniform nor pay for the tuition. The pupils decided to raise money by baking and selling waffles at their school for the school uniform (35 Euro). They teachers were enthused by the dedication of the pupils: they designed posters, informed all the other classes and planned everything around the waffle baking that day. The break of the waffle baking day was really hectic when 100 waffles had to be sold within 20 minutes. But the waffles turned out delicious and everybody was delighted. The sum that could be raised was even 101,50 Euros after all. This was way more than anybody had expected. Besides the school uniform there was enough money now to buy books, notebooks, pens and pencils. Maybe  with another fund raiser the pupils might be able to finance a school year´s fee for Sanskriti. The 7th grade of Fritz Reuter School in Hagen donated 190 Euros The 7th grade of Fritz Reuter School in Hagen donated 190 Euros In March of 2015 the 7th grade of Fritz Reuter School in Hagen collected money for St. Anthony´s School thru various activities. The donation is supposed to support our pupil Isha and also to buy new pieces of sports equipment. The pupils report their fundraising activities in a report. Participation in Bazaars and “Kreativmarkt” Several active club members and friends support our project by selling decorative goods made of wood, tissue or pearls, by making marmalade, baking cakes and so on. They sell these goods to their circle of acquaintances or on bazaars and donate the revenues. We participate in creative markets of the parish Dortmund-Südwest in spring and fall, in the Christmas bazaar of an old people’s home in Dormund- Mengede and the parish Löttringhausen.  In the meantime these activities have become an inherent part of our work. Bazaars and festivals are always a good event to inform people about our project and draw interest. All board and club members work as volunteers, so that the complete revenue can be used for our school projects and club activities. Participation in events 2012 Active club members made possible that we can present information about the club in many events. Self-made goods were sold on different markets, the Christmas bazaar and the celebration of the parish Dortmund-Südwest. The revenue was donated. One-World-Stand of the protestant congregation Dortmund-Southwest gave a fair trade soccer ball For quite a while there have been strong ties to the One-World-Stand which is located in Dortmund Hombruch. When celebrating its 25 th reunion the One-World-Stand did without presents and gave a large donation to our association. Thanks to this close contact we were able to participate at the county assembly of the protestant congregations in the year 2013 which took place at the Hombruch market shortly before Christmas and before Easter of 2014. So we could sell our homemade goods in the adjacent “forum”. At the last meeting in April of 2014 Brigitte Thielker who is a member of the One-World-Stand donated a soccer ball. We think that is a wonderful present for the children in Darjeeling. Participation in parish celebrations People could play Carrom (a popular board game in India), have their name written in Devanagari, taste self-made Lassi (Indian milkshake) or get information on our association during the celebration of the parish Dortmund-Südwest. A particular gift from Holland Tom Janssens from Roermond participated in the opening ceremony on April 1 as guest. After this he portrayed  St. Anthony’s School. Our executive manager Rohit Pradhan received the painting as a gift in September 2010. Tom provided us with some small paintings for sale. Give ´Education` to children in Darjeeling instead of getting birthday presents We like to thank relatives, friends and donators that want a donation to our club instead of presents for their big birthday. School building and interior could be finished in time without stopping construction site activities thanks to their generous donations.     Do you have an idea, too? If you want to support our club with an activity in your town or if you have other ideas, contact addresses and so on, we will be grateful for your corporation. back
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